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BTS was set up by Rosie in 2016. As a birth tear sufferer herself, she wanted to reach out and help other women within the UK and beyond who had also been through the same trauma.
She aims to educate new and expectant mums on how to PREVENT these tears from occurring. 
Her background is in Nutritional Therapy and so she has a keen interest in helping the body heal. 
At the moment we are just a support and information site.

"I felt so alone, no one understood. 

So I had to set up a place to support & educate other mums & mums-to-be". 

Rosie, Founder 

Welcome ladies, I assume that you have suffered a bad perineal tear during childbirth or

you're a first time mum wanting to find ways to avoid tearing.

For first time pregnant ladies  - -  click here - -

For those who did tear, it may have been a 3rd or 4th degree tear or a complicated 2nd degree tear. Whatever the grade, if you have been suffering intensely or for a long time with a perineal tear, you are in the right place. 

Please be comforted that there are many women in the same boat. If you want to connect with them, please go to our connect page. 

Feel free to take a look around the website, and we hope that you will find some answers and comfort here. 

Please note that this is a UK-based website, therefore the majority of the content will relate to UK services. We will try and include as much international information as much as we can. 

Rosie, Founder of Birth Tear Support. 

Read Rosie's Birth Story here

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