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Where Can I find help?

Your Midwife - in the UK you will be assigned to a community midwife for a couple of weeks after your birth & perineal tear. If you notice anything unusual with your stitches, wound or you feel unwell. Let them know immediately. 

Your Health Visitor - in the UK, you are assigned a health visitor to help support you and your baby. This can be your go-to person for any worries you have medically or emotionally. 

Your GP/Family Doctor - if your midwife/health-visitor isn't available, you can always visit your GP for any worries. If you feel very unwell then seek emergency help (111/999/911). 

Your OBGYN - this may be the person you go to first if you're in the USA. In the UK you may see a gynecologist through a GP referral if you are having issues. 

Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist - We recommend that all women post perineal tear should go and see a women's health physiotherapist. It can be very useful to help reduce any long term pain caused by tearing. Click here to find a physio 

Birth Trauma Association - a UK support group for women who feel they have suffered trauma and/or PTSD from their birth(s)

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