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Programs for at home

There are many at-home programs you can purchase to aid healing post pregnancy. 

Many however can be quite detrimental to you healing. Certain exercises such as squats, sit-ups and crunches can make your core & pelvic floor health worse. 

Below we have recommended some programs that are super safe and effective. 

We recommend you speak to your medical professional/physio before buying any. 

MuTu System

A step by step program which is easy to follow and has great results. Especially great if you have diastasis recti (tummy gap) and pelvic floor weakness

HypopressivesA great tool for helping overall core strength including pelvic floor

                Hypopressives UK

                Delivered by Nikki and Richard, both fitness coaches.

                CoreSet Fitness

                Based in Canada. Owned by Trista Zinn, PT.

                She is available to work worldwide through Skype calls too. 


Run by a PT/Physio, Tasha. A DVD can be purchased through Amazon and can be used to gain core strength. This is a good economical option. 

**recommended practitioner page


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