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Women's Health Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy

Professionals within the post-natal industry recommend that all women should go and see a women's health physio/PT after having a baby.

For women who have suffered severe tearing it is even more important. 

They are trained to deal with any long-term issue that has been caused by tearing and vaginal birth (and even some issues from caesarian sections, such as adhesions). 

Issues such as:

  • ongoing pain (sitting or standing)

  • pain during sex

  • feeling like your vaginal opening is 'too small' 

  • urinary or faecal incontinence 

  • trouble holding in gas

  • feeling like your passing gas through your vagina

  • lower back ache

  • hip pain

  • pelvic organ prolapse 

How to find a good Physiotherapist?

If can be difficult to find a physiotherapist who can truly help you, some are better than others.

It often takes women time to find the right physio for them. We say that if you do not get any improvement at all after 3 sessions, try another physio. 

A brilliant list from the PelvicPartnership on recommended women's health physio's here in the UK


We also like this article by MuTu on how to find a good physio 

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